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Some rarities and classic gems.

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Mail call.

Grabbed some classics/gems this round.


How can you go wrong with an Arms Challenge 6903 Hein?..should’ve grabbed one of these a long time ago. Right up my alley when it comes to what I like in a ML+ powered rod. Similar to the Super Eiger, maybe a bit faster in initial taper, then into that wonderful second taper/backbone. Good stuff.

Excellent condition X7 Powerhouse…I’m not a spinning rod guy by default, but this rod is something special.

I got rid of my Simoons because they were too stout for what I want in a fairy wand if/when I ever use one and I have bait-casting combos I’d much rather use when I’m in that range of stick. This rod, however…checks off all the boxes for what I’d be throwing on one. Another I should’ve probably grabbed years ago.

3rd one in the group…a rod I also regret selling some years back…A very clean P3 Super Destroyer.


Excited to add these Shimano ZPI/SC-tuned and dressed gems to the stable. Looking forward to fishing them. 

Decade Works painted…Flat Black Exsence DC with Studio Composite RC-SC and OG Corks

(4) Various Metanium MGs, tuned, tweaked, dressed and modded to the gills with everything from a custom machined set of 8.0 gears to a 5:1 cranking machine. Some incredibly rare spools, handles and knobs were utilized on these beauties. Even if you’re not a Shimano guy, there’s no denying these things are sexy/unique AF. All have Mag brake conversions and that V2…that spool…that extremely rare cast control cap, that handle, the whole package…just stunning, IMO. 

And then, there’s the unicorn…
The Antares Scorpion with ZPI RC501 MJR spool…as rare as hens teeth, sporting and SC RC-SC handle and OGs.

The brand new Rosso Eye Bank is just a cherry on top…

Thanks for looking.

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That i-Bank! 😍 but yes, not a shimano fan but those look good. 👌

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