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A while ago, I was chatting with some friends that introduced me to the darkness and I asked why none of them had any NRXs or Conquests. They were expensive which must mean they're great rods. Their answer has forever rang in my head as I dove head first into the darkness..."We are looking for rare, not just expensive". And so with that...these few purchases certainly qualify for the rare category.
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Sedition Cristobal
I read RISE's article and it was all I needed. Found a used one for a steal and grabbed it. I just started to dabble into BFS since I got my X7 Super Eiger but as a shore fisherman the short length always bothered me. With this rod coming in at 7'2", it gives me extra length to cast and work my lures that the SE might not have been able to. Will it TRULY make a difference? Eh. But in my head it makes all the difference. This is probably going to be my main finesse rod throwing neko rigs, drop shot, hover shot, and maybe even 3" swimbaits.
MB X7 Amart
Another addition to the X7 collection. Been hunting for one for a while and got one for a great price thanks to RISE. Sure some of the cork is gone but if it fishes fine then I don't really mind. A friend of mine let me borrow his and ever since then I've been on the hunt for one. No more hunting anymore! More than likely just gonna be punching/flipping with it but frogging is definitely on the menu.
Olympic Graphite Leader Vigore 71H
High tech blank (T1100G...whatever that means). Torzite guides (I think). Crisp action. Made in Japan. Sub $300? Yes please! Went down a rabbit hole researching one day which resulted in me hunting for this rod. From what I read, Olympics makes the blanks for Evergreen. When I compared the rod to my Rapid Gunner RSR, just from the eye test, I could definitely see similarities. Bottom contact will be the main purpose for this rod but honestly...I might end up junk fishing with it just to see how versatile it is.
Unlimited Rods Punchshot HD
After falling in love with Designo, I found out that Unlimited (or Dream Express Lures) uses their blanks for their rods. Did some asking around about them and ultimately purchased one due to all the great reviews about them. Super sleek and clean finish. It doesn't have a "noisy" design to it which I really like. It has more bend than I thought it would and so I'm super curious to see how it'll fish. I have no idea how I'm going to use it. Punching for sure since it's called a PUNCH Shot...but perhaps I can do more with it.


Now I just have to wait 6 months for the weather to start warming up so I can fish these...yay.

Always learning...

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Nice pickups 👍

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Outstanding AF 🤘🏼

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Schuuuweeet haul!

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