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Zillion Knob Removal

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Hey Guys,

Are there any special tools to remove the knob caps pictured below, but without marring them?

zillion hd 4

I need to swap some handles and knobs around, and I prefer not to damage factory parts. Even though I am not even going to utilize them, I still like to keep it proper and not damage anodized parts. My inner reel tech just won't allow it.

I know Daiwa has a metal tool, but that just isn't kosher.

IMG 2415

Is there another tool option?

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I think that's it ...


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Agreed, that appears to be it. Or you could use small snap ring or circlip pliers call them what you want. Or even a couple paperclips in a pinch, I know, I know, cheeseball but it can work...

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That’s one variant of the tool. There’s another with slightly different spacing on two sets of those pegs that are on each side of the tool. There’s also a trick to eliminate marring the caps…..a plastic bag between the tool and the cap.

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