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Increasing Spinning Reel Drag

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Looking to see if it is possible to increase factory rated drag on spinning reels. For example, if a finesse rated drag is 5 lbs from the factory...can after market parts be installed to increase to lets say...10lbs...12lbs..? Please let me know.


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Hello again, so it again depends on the reel you are using. The drag stack within the spool will determine how much drag your spinning reel has. If you're looking at UL reels, let's say a 16 Certate 2506 which is designed with a finesse drag of roughly 3kg. If you were to change the spool to a 2508 which has a different drag stack and rating of 7 kg you can increase your drag of your 2506 reel. 

If putting a larger spool is not an option you can look at replacing the stock felt washers with carbontex. However, only do this at your own risk as many UL reel spools are not designed for the extra pressures a carbontex drag stack will create. 

off-topic: If you're looking at big top end saltwater spinning reels and you're getting spooled by a big fish on max functional drag, I believe there are aftermarket spools that might improve drag a bit. But at 30kg ma drag as claimed by manufacturers, the spool might likely not be spinning smoothly and it's just not a practical amount of drag. At that point, if you need to increase even more drag you can palm the spool. 


Hope this helps

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