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I’ll be dumping a bunch of pics and mail calls from the past months, this coming week. Just hardly any time as I’m so focused on family stuff, new product development and being on the water as much as I can be right now. 

Here’s a quick one to start. Brand new ARMS ASL5105X R with crystal. 25 of these made, Mr. Itö kept one, so 24 in the wild. Fast taper, dubbed a bottom contact stick. I am someone that has absolutely zero fear of shorter rods and this one has close range, pitchin/skippin and tight quarter duties written all over it. I know…just another ARMS rod, right?….not so much. This is quite a unique build and one of the truly rare ones. While I have a good number of reels and lures that are shelf queens…I fish almost all of my rods. That said, I’m torn on this one, but will probably cave in and get it wet. The thread work on the ASL series is some of my favorite, and the green highlights on this one make it a stand-out. The IL Green IS79, will probably be its mate. 

BC490568 34F9 4C4F B65C 4755CB5C29EA
50E9948B F2E2 43D4 9BA3 5B0EC22DC192
BDA1A4A6 E6D0 4045 AB3C E4649F089384
D97A2ABD 1237 4A7B 8232 DC1D98D1E564
AC1097A5 D573 46B6 BFB5 E48CBE378458
2BA4D8FA C0BE 4F5F BA24 1695BBEB9F1A
B0C9DF8C 69A8 439C 8277 9AF8539F1673

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WOW.... absolutely gorgeous piece.

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now thats a dream there.. 

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Absolutely stunning! Yuki Itö is such a cool designer!

design everything_

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