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From a little-known or talked about brand, ISM (Infinite Seeds Makers)…7 top of the line “Infinite Blade” models were gifted to me for evaluation, input and write ups, including (5) 2-piece models and (2) of the one-piece/removable handle models. This small passion-driven company produces rods, some unique high quality baits and other items. Honestly, these rods, at their price point(s) (32-50k JPY depending on model) look to be WELL worth their asking price. 

Right off the bat, doing some test casting/fishing at the local pond, I can say that they (the one piece models) feel at least on par with the likes of the Megabass P3-P5 series, Tiemco Golden Wing and Smith Tourlier V-Specs, but more time with them will paint a much clearer picture.  

Without getting too deep into it, I will say the one piece models are a bit nicer in terms of aesthetics and overall fit/finish vs the 2-pieces versions. For example…High quality tapered cork with typical filler on the one piece vs Eva on the two piece and other numerous differences that I’ll break down in the article. 

I’ll be spending plenty of quality time with them on the water soon, but here are some shots in the meantime.

IMG 3874
IMG 3867
IMG 3868
IMG 3869
IMG 3873
IMG 3871
IMG 3866


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thats good to know.. i have been eyeing them but went with two more EG rods recently

still i will probably be in the market for something different soon enough

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Keep me posted. You know I’m always down to buy more stuff I don’t need. Lol 

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Posted by: @gaijin

Keep me posted. You know I’m always down to buy more stuff I don’t need. Lol 

+1 to this for sure

Always learning...

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Looking forward to that long winded write up of yours homie. You know the good juicy stuff that we all want to hear. Glad these fell into your hands for testing as many of us value your input and feedback.

As far as the blank goes can you give much info? Materials, tonnage, raw vs finished, tapers and such?

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