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Evergreen OCSC Orion 69-H "Stargazer"/ The One Do It All

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Let's do another "sharing is caring" post, hopefully this can give the idea of the Orion line up rods for anyone interested. 

The ultimate rod, the most versatile, bang for the buck, the one do it all, the mighty Orion Stargazer !

Why so? I've been using this rod since it first come out and bought 2 other variants which is the "Moongazer" and "The Throne" but eventually sold the other 2 and only keep this one in the arsenal. "Lightness - Power - Precise" are the words I would best describe for this jdm sword. Come in under 120gr (118gr to be exact) the rod feels super balance from the tip to the bottom with the greatest T1100G bank aka the best bank IMO nowadays. If any of you ever used an Evergreen rod, you will find out that each rod is super unique for specific technique and hardly can use different style of lure for each rod and from the past until nowadays, only the Orion series is the most versatile sticks you can use for different techniques. From 5gr-140gr lure, I've done all flawlessly, obviously that with a more than 60gr weight of lure you can't fully cast it but the rod still can hold up with a good amount of force when you cast. As I mentioned "Do it all", this rod has been abuse with big swimbait (DRT K9, Mir Double H, Bacca Burritos, etc...) and other regular big jigs or buzzbait, where the hooking power is a must have to place the hook perfectly on fish mouth, and yes, this rod hidden power was a surprising when you hold it on hand. 


Replacing the famous Heracles back in the day, Orion series truly become an successful heritage, only missing a few fancy touches in design when compare to Kaleidos, where all the best materials/ designs/ development stories was made. If you don't want to spend $800-$1000 for Kaleidos, the Orions are truly worth every penny with almost half-price, yet still equip with the same blank material (Torayca T1100G), full Titanium - Sic guides, simple design yet hidding the surprising sensitivity and power when casting and hookset. This is also my to go stick for Giant Snakehead, which require huge amount of force when setting the hook with single hook lure, and it never disappointed me once. I can't say enough how good this rod is with these greatest, after more than 3 years of using, the rod still in great shape and ready to catch more giants with me. 


P/s: One flaw that I found out is the coating on the blank of the rod will come off after time, same thing happen to previous Kaleidos series and I believe most of other Orion rods as well, this is just an minor issue, some will trigger with the ugly when the coat came off but it surely does not affect how it performs. Here are some photos of greatest catches with this rod, hope you enjoy reading through all of this, tightlines! 

IMG 4785
IMG 8962
IMG 4244
IMG 6708
IMG 2661
IMG 1628
IMG 1634

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Well done, Kiet! I know you’ve mentioned several lures/techniques that you’ve used the rod for, but what’s your favorite lure to toss on this rod…if you had to pick just one. 

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@rise best I would say topwater all day since its very light for its class and hookset power is great, can be as big jig rod also since the sensitivity is phenomenon with EG's blank

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Very cool, thanks for sharing! I know the Black Rose is another very popular model in the Orion series.

This stick is very interesting being 6'9" and going all the way up to 5 oz (if I read that right). I assume that the taper is pretty forgiving if you are fishing big treble baits?

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loved the review. I was looking at this line up for a while and then school happed and i forgot about it. The black rose was second on the list but i distinctly remember having one of the gazers on the top just out of curiosity. 

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