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Megabass IP68 for Swimbait Fishing Setup

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Hello again. I have an extra Megabass IP68 that I plan on using for my swimbait/glide bait set up. The size baits that I will be using are the 6" Magdraft (1.5 oz) and the Gan Craft Jointed Claw 178 (2 oz). The rod will be a 7' - 6" medium power swimbait rod rated for lure sizes up to 3 oz with a moderate fast action. The line that I will be using will probably be 17 - 20 test line.

I would like to keep the stock spool...probably switch out the spool bearings to YT Fusion bearings. The stock handle is 100mm which I will keep along with the stock Megabass knobs. The stock gear ration is 6.8 which should perform well for me control wise. A couple things in question are the stock drag....should I upgrade? and the stock gears......are they tough enough or should they be swapped out?

Open for suggestions....performance wise and strength/durability wise.



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IMO, you should be good to go with that reel stock, although adding Carbontex drag is nearly always a good thing.

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^^ Agreed. You’re good. I wouldn’t stress too much on the drag though, not saying don’t mind you, but you’ll know if you need more eventually.

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