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Daiwa 19 Morethan PE1000 TW 2019 Clone

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I've been in search for this reel in the 7.1:1 ratio left hand model for years now without any success. No one has them and those who do don't want to sell them. My intent has been to use this reel on my "smaller frog" rod. 

I finally decided not to get pissed off about it...but instead build the ideal clone including some "upgrades" to the original. My build would start with a brand new 2017 Steez A TW 1016HL reel with the 7.1:1 gear ratio. Swap the spool to a G1 Mag-Z PE spool which is the 19 Morethan PE TW Spare Spool. Swap stock handle to an SLPW RCS Carbon 100mm handle with Daiwa SLPW I shape Alumite Purple TM1 knobs and matching Hedgehog Studio purple accessories. 

I'm sure the build will also include knob bearings and upgraded YT Fusion spool bearings. Drag upgrade.....Carbontex.

This is a start for the build and I am sure you wonderful people would have wonderful suggestions for me to add. So lets have boys....all comments/suggestions appreciated.



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Sounds like a cool reel. I'm sure you will be snazzed with your one of a kind gem. 

Those don't come up often, but if you watch YJP it wouldn't have been too difficult to secure one.

Here is a gem with a spare G1 spool which went for $260, it would have been $290 tyd


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