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Vital Statistics:

Length:  53.0mm

Weight:  11g

Type:  Floating

Hook:  #6

Other:  Split rings:  #2, front and back

Color:  18 patterns

Running depth:  3.5m

Price MSRP:  1,650 yen

Introduced:  Oct 2020

Some of my production patterns will be shown below.

Tackle of choice for this bait:

Rod - Daiwa Tatula Elite 7’ Medium Heavy casting rod - TAEL701MHRB-G

Reel - Daiwa Zillion TW HD 1000XH 8.1:1 or Daiwa Zillion SV TW 1000XH 8.5:1

Line - Sunline Defier (Co-polymer) 15lb or 17lb test

I do most of most of my fishing in a small, local reservoir of about 1000 acres.  Water clarity from slightly dingy to pretty clear.  Depths to 45’ but average is probably in the 20’-22’ range.  Bottom composition is red clay in most areas but a few spots of softball to volleyball sized rip-rap.  Forage is threadfin shad, crawfish, panfish and terrestrial creatures.

The bait runs about 10’, I target between 6 and 8 feet, sometimes a bit shallower with the red craw, a bit deeper with the shad patterns.  Although I caught my biggest caught during prespawn, I’ve caught some nice fish during the summer schooling periods.

This is just a thumbnail sketch, if there are any additional particulars, let me know.


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Kitty went about 5 lbs

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My PB LMB - 8 lbs 5 oz

IMG 0052