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PE line diameter/pound test determination....

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Looking to purchase a spool for braided line. When looking at the Daiwa RCSB SV Boost PE 1000 G1 spool it indicates that it is to be used with PE line that is less than 0.8 in size. So what pound test would 0.8 line be?

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Ahhhh, riiiight… Quick search, photo, download, this will work. However, don’t trust listed test diameter. Some manufacturers are honest, I’m keeping names out of this for a variety of reasons, but your only way to truly know is buy and slap some through a digital micrometer. Buy one, they’re cheap nowadays, handy for this type stuff. So, when you buy and realize listed diameter is actually off by 40% make sure you let us know, please. I figure your odds of actually getting what you think you’re buying at 50/50. Maybe you get lucky, maybe you don’t, maybe over time this site begins to track what’s real and what isn’t. Or not. Either way, use the chart as a starting point, if you want, maybe get a micrometer, because we all need one, live happy. Cool

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