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Imakatsu Stealth Swimmer, The "Double Deal" Rig

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I am a huge fan of Imakastu and a daily reader of Katsutaka Imae's blog: TopSecret | IMAKATSU

One of the most interesting concepts about Imakatsu baits is that they are designed from a premise of being modular and customizable. On K-Imae Top Secret, they are not shy in showing you many cool modifications, along with sharing new insights on upcoming baits and tackle in development. 

   I decided as my first post in what I hope will be a regular contribution to this site. I'm going to copy many of these modifications and test them out here in the America. 

So, I'm excited to share with you one of my own customized Imakatsu rigs. This one is easy to do, and a lot of fun.  So let me introduce you to the Imakatsu Stealth Swimmer - "Double Deal" Rig.

 Like Munenori states in the video you get 2 baits per package. I decided to attach both Imakatsu Stealth Swimmers bait together to create a double bait rig. Ideally this is taking 2x 6" baits to give them a bigger appeal for bigger fish. 


This bait has a fixed swinging hook that sticks internally to a magnet and detaches with slight pressure, The hook sits inside the hollow body and stays concealed, keeping them both baits weedless and snag free.    

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     Of the 2 Baits, the package labeled with "H" is the heavy version it weighs about an ounce.  The unmarked package is actually the floating version. It weighs only 3/16th oz. You can read more about the details at the link: STEALTH Swimmer|Lure | PRODUCTS | IMAKATSU


stealth a006

You can tell the difference between the baits after removing the packaging by checking what harness is inside the bait. The Floater will have a plastic harness with a small , the sinker will have the lead harness. I keep the package for safe storage, The plastic shell keeps these baits from warping and keeps the tails from kinking which may negatively affect the action.


When rigging these baits together, I use the floating bait up top and the Heavy bait on bottom. This keeps the rig balanced well and they cast easily without tangling. 


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The idea with the connection is to keep the baits close together to create a large enticing profile. But far enough apart so they don't obstruct each other during the swim. You can mess with the length to your preference. I chose Owner 60lb Ball Bearing Swivel to attach to the lead bait. This would allow me to remove the bottom bait easier if I chose to fish the floater exclusively.

Hitena devilline writeup

The material I chose to connect the baits was Hitena Devil Line. I really like this product. It's a Titanium, Steel & Braid Leader material that is woven together to make it very strong and abrasion resistant. It won't kink like 7 Strand and Piano wire does, and Crimps hold onto it very well. It's also possible to tie some knots with it. which may absolve you from using crimps at all if you choose, downside is you cut off and waste more material, and it only comes in 3-meter spools.

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After crimping the line, I use the excess and tied an overhand knot on top of the main leader line, then applied superglue to the knot. This adds a little extra security if your concerned about your crimps slipping.

    What makes the double deal so deadly? As you'll notice in this video, the baits have a subtle roll and flash. This is due to the flat sides of the bait and that they connect at the nose, giving the body a roll when the tail kicks. Each bait flashes opposite of each other, giving it a very life-like appeal.


double deal bass

Try this rig out, I think it will really produce for a lot of people. Fishing soft Swimbaits are generally boring to me, but this rig brings some fun into it while giving you the possibility of a double hookup. If you want to purchase this bait and try out this rig. Here is the link: Imakatsu Stealth Swimmer – Japan Import Tackle

I am not an affiliate of Japan Import Tackle, but I am a loyal Customer. Munenori does a great job and provides excellent customer service. Let him know I sent you!

"The things you own, end up owning you." -

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I'm intrigued. Excellent read.

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Nice!  Giant Donkey rig on 'roids!

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@dragon1   I've played around with the double bait rig for a while.  One of the interesting findings is when you have 2 baits, it ups the water resistance often causing the bait to gain lift. allowing you to fish it in much shallower water all while widening your drawing power. This works really well with the double MagDraft but there's a trick to it.   The IK stealth swimmer is the superior bait for this rig, because of the inherit differences in the 2 baits per package.  

"The things you own, end up owning you." -

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